OCB Donates $5,000 to the Village of Oregon

Village of Oregon Tree Donation

One Community Bank Donates $5,000 to the Village of Oregon


One Community Bank is proud to continue investing in our communities. OCB is thrilled to donate $5,000 to the Village of Oregon for their tree planting initiative.


The Village of Oregon plans to use OCB’s donation to fund the terrace tree program, which allows residents to be partially reimbursed for trees they plant at their house, and to plant trees in the Village of Oregon. Trees will be planted at parks, cemeteries and in the medians of public roads.


“One Community Bank is delighted to deepen our relationship with the Village of Oregon and contribute to the impact they are making. We are happy to support the tree planting initiative and are proud believers in tree sustainability. We believe in investing in our communities and are honored to donate $5,000 to this initiative” said Steve Peotter, President and CEO of One Community Bank.


“The Village of Oregon is honored that One Community Bank chose to make a generous donation to our tree planting initiative. It will go a long way in allowing us to be able to continue to grow this program. We are grateful to Steve and his team at One Community Bank for their donation” said Jeff Rau, Village of Oregon Public Works Director.


One Community Bank remains committed to investing in our communities and is proud to support this feel-good organization.

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